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Striad Pillow
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PILLOWS and Accent pillows  Normaly sofe and living room sets but can be found as a bedroom accesory and decore can be used for comfort and accent /Decore. 

Pillows are fabrics materials that provide support for the body at rest. Likewise, it helps to enjoy a comfortable night while sleeping. It also gives different therapy solutions such as body, neck and back pain relief. Aside from all these benefits, pillows also serve material for decoration not only to the mattress but also to the whole bedroom. Although pillows are frequently used interchangeably with cushions, they are two different things entirely. Cushions are decorative pillows used on beds, couches or chairs.

Pillows come in different forms and functions. While there are pillows for back, stomach and side sleepers, there are also pillows for combination sleepers and pillows for hemorrhoids. For back sleepers, a firm, high loft pillow with divots for the head and neck gives the spine the support and relief needed for a comfortable night’s sleep. The best pillows for back sleepers range from Coop Home Goods Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow to Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow.

Although stomach sleeping is an unhealthy form sleep position, it is the latest common sleeping position among sleepers today. This sleeping position is unhealthy because it leaves sleepers venerable to high levels of pain and pressure in their neck. Pillows which are excessively thin and thick are the ideal one for stomach sleepers. The best pillows for stomach sleepers range from Tuft & Needle pillow to PlushBeds Down Blend pillow.

Side sleepers are the most common and healthiest form of sleeping positions among sleepers. Pillows which are soft and made with conforming materials such as memory foam and buckwheat are the ideal one for side sleepers. The best pillows for side sleepers range Coop Home Goods Eden to Helix pillow.

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