Slate Roofs


Slate roofs are made of a particular type of stone-shale and have been in existence for over thousands of years. Spain has many houses with slate roofs because they produce enough shale to meet their roofing demands.Slate roof is the king of roofs. Are you thinking of remodeling your house anytime soon? These are some of the factors you should consider before purchasing slate roofs.

Slate roofs are for the elite and the over class in the society who wants their buildings to have more ambience that traditional roofing sheets have. Slate roofs come in dark hues making it perfect for temperate climates.  For home owners, slate roof is a luxury building envelope.  It comes in a wide range of designs with different thicknesses and colors.

Slate roof is a great choice of roofing material because it is very waterproof. In terms of longevity, slate roofs beat other roofing types hands down. Slate roofs last about three times longer than other roofs. Slate roofs are resistant to fires. If fireworks or lightning sparks which can trigger a fire comes in contact with a slate roof, it will not burn the roof. The life span of a slate roof is about a century. They prevent leaking and are very eco-friendly. They minimize roofing waste to the barest minimum. For homeowners that are very conscious of global warming to preserve their environment, it is advisable that they go for slate roofs. Slate roofs are known to be very energy efficient and are hardly damaged by ice. Slate roofs are the most expensive type of roofs but they are worth every penny.

The setbacks with using slate roofs include difficulty in installation which makes many unskilled roofers carry out poor installation. Slate roofs are installed with hooks or nails but this requires a certain level of expertise. Many roofing contractors lack the skill to properly fix slate roofs. Due to greed, many roof installers will always agree that they can install the roof leading to a badly fixed roof which will not stand the test of time. Also, slate roofs are very heavyweight . Their heavy weight requires you to create a wide expanse of land prior to installation so that they can be very well accommodated. The weight of a slate roof cannot be carried by all houses. Slate roofs are very brittle. If you want to carry out technical maintenance like fixing of your decoder, it is advisable that the technician plies another route other than through the roof because the slate roof tiles can break when it bears the weight of a person. This can be very expensive to repair, what’s worse? You might never get an exact pattern that fits your existing room since they come in very many designs. The biggest obstacle in settling for a slate roof is the price. Slate roofs are very expensive, like five times more expensive than other roofing sheets. If you feel you can shell some thousands of dollars on roofing alone, by all means do.

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