Rubber Roofs


Rubber roofs are not very popular and have not gained widespread recognition. However, it is important to consider this roofing option if you are thinking of remodeling the roof of your building. Rubber roofs are made up of a polymer of ethylene propylene diene. Rubber roof is a type of flat roof. Flat roofs are more levelled than other types of roof. This type of roof comes in sheets or in shingles depending on how it was manufactured. Rubber roof is very cheap compared to other types of roofs. Not only is the cost of buying this type of roof cheap, its installation and maintenance is also very cheap. It is relatively easy to install thereby slashing the cost of labor. Rubber roofs have a long life span.  If the installation is perfect, they can last more than 50 years. They come in large cuts hence joining at seams or overlapping is reduced which makes them very great options when considering to purchase a waterproof roof. This type of roof has undergone processes that will make them resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The cost of repairing and maintaining a rubber roof is relatively cheap. All the repairer needs is just a tube of molten rubber or a tape that can glue very well to the rubber surface. Unlike other roofing materials that may require some change after some decades because of their diminished aesthetic appeal, the only thing required of a property owner who has rubber roofing is to coat the rubber roof with acrylic paint at least every decade. Rubber roofs are come in different thickness. So, there is always something for everyone.

You are still not convinced about going for rubber roofing? Well, this should do the trick. The production of rubber does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere which makes it healthy choice for homeowners. Rubber is made from recycled products and rubber roofs are very much recyclable.  These recycled product can either be from slate or from saw dust. Rubber roofs are very fire resistant. They can hardly be set ablaze by lightning sparks or sparks from fireworks or even wildfires that can spread from nearby buildings. Brightly colored rubber roofs help to save cost of air-conditioning in cooler months and other utility related bills in the warmer month. Rubber roof is a go to energy saving roof. When the weather is freezing or thawing, the owner of a building has no worries because rubber roofs are strongly built to avoid extremities in weather conditions.

One major disadvantage with rubber roofs is the coloring. Black rubber roofs are the most popular ones which makes them not very ideal for use in homes. Thankfully, manufacturers are bridging this gap by producing rubber roofs in brightly colored hues. Also, rubber roofs do not allow free flow of water when it rains. Rubber roofs also expand when the temperature goes up for this reason, it has to be installed only when the temperature is high.

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