When It Comes to Office Flooring, Vinyl Applies for a Position


Office flooring is important for a wide variety of reasons. You and your employees are going to spend a lot of time in your office, so it has to be something durable. If you’re like most businesses, you’ll have several potential clients, investors, customers and more come through. The last thing you want is flooring that looks substandard, so it has to be stylish. And lastly, you and your employees are going to spend hours and days working and concentrating there, so it has to be comfortable, too. That’s quite a bit to put all on one kind of flooring option. While you have many great options at your disposal, vinyl flooring can fit everything you’re looking for in your office. 

Vinyl Flooring Makes Office Chairs Better

At best, chair mats can be a pain. It’s an extra expense, one more thing to deal with, and most really aren’t durable. If you have carpet in your office, it can be hard to move office chairs (even those with great rollers) along them. Vinyl flooring is perfect for office chairs. Unlike chair mats, vinyl flooring is very durable, so it can last for a long period of time. Better still, you’ll find your employees can glide across it with the greatest of ease, making them even more comfortable. 

Quiet, So You Can Concentrate

How many meetings have you been in where someone has entered late, and it’s thrown off the entire meeting? Either the speaker notices and it interrupts their train of thought, or some of the employees notice and it distracts them from hearing potentially important information. That’s part of the reason that so many companies have chosen vinyl flooring for their offices or even conference rooms. Vinyl flooring (particularly woven vinyl) has an organic sound-dampening quality. That means that scuffling shoes, moving chairs and more won’t sound nearly as loud. We’ve all been talking to a co-worker and accidentally dropped our phone, pen, stapler or the like. That won’t make much of a noise with vinyl flooring. You and your employees can casually duck in and out of meetings in an actual casual fashion – without disrupting any part of the meeting. This is one of the more tangible ways that vinyl flooring can actually make your workplace that much more productive. 

Match Your Brand

In our modern day, branding is everything in business. Projecting and protecting a company’s brand is important in all situations. You have your logo, colors, social media and more. That extends to your office place, as well. Vinyl flooring comes in all different kinds of colors and textures. So, you can match it perfectly to your company’s brand.

No Matter Your Workspace, Vinyl Flooring Can Get the Job Done

With so many “open” office spaces, office flooring has to do a lot more than before. Many offices have a cafeteria, office, and conference room all on one floor, and can only afford one type of office flooring. That what makes vinyl flooring so unique: it can fit perfectly to each of those office rooms.

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