What Are the Various Kinds of Textures in Laminate Flooring?


If you’ve been going through our blogs, you’ve already learned about laminate flooring. One of the most versatile kinds of flooring on the market, laminate can be customized to fit your exact needs. You can get it in different colors and makes to fit the décor of your office or home. Everyone can see color. What not everyone’s sure about is “texture.” We’d like to lay out some of the more common textures in laminate flooring so that you can find the one you need.

One That Fits Any Room

“Oiled wood” laminate flooring sounds like a texture that can only fit in a few places. It seems like it would only be able to be somewhere that the oil wouldn’t run and stain other locations. However, oiled wood laminate flooring is great for almost any room in your home. The main reason for that might be that a good alternate title for the texture is: “Recently Oiled Wood” laminate flooring. It looks like someone just finished oiling it before you stepped onto it. That style of being constantly cared for comes through in its gorgeous sheen. This design, inspired by nature, can fit in practically any room with any style. 

Looking for the Aged and Worn Look? Look No Further

Getting on your hands and knees to brush wood flooring with metal wire would be time consuming and difficult at best. However, “Brushed” laminate flooring can give your flooring that look every single day. When folks say “that flooring has character,” what they often mean is that it looks “aged.” That the flooring has held up well over time. Brushed laminate flooring looks like that from the moment you put it down. This is perfect for a more classical style home. You can also style it to your heart’s content: cross-cut hardwood, knots and contours – it’s all up to you. 

Get the Real Hardwood Look

When you think of a laminate flooring that looks the most like prototypical hardwood, you’re usually thinking of handscraped laminate. These laminate flooring options can come in a wide variety of textures: you can have them be soft and shallow; you can have them be deep and dramatic. Handscraped laminate flooring puts the power in your hands. 

Play It Again with High Gloss Piano Finish

You know how smooth, shiny and perfect the top of a piano looks? That’s very similar to how this laminate flooring looks. Cutting edge modern and classy as all get out, this reflective laminate flooring has a style all of its own. This is one of the most bold and striking textures of laminate flooring. 

A “Satin” Finish for Your Laminate Flooring

Smooth Texture laminate flooring is exactly what it sounds like. Smooth to look at and touch, it’s often referred to as “satin finish.” You can see just how remarkably shiny it can be when light strikes it just so. 

These are just a small sample of how many different kinds of laminate flooring textures there are. We didn’t even mention several of them. If you have any more questions about laminate flooring, don’t hesitate to ask!

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