Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom Closet


If there’s a part of your home that’s considered an afterthought, it’s probably the bathroom closet. Most people don’t ever think about them. If they do, it’s somewhere to randomly store stuff they don’t need at the time. Of course, when they need medicine or spare linens, the frantic search begins. Paradoxically, the less time a person spends organizing their bathroom closet, the more likely they are to waste a lot of time when they have to go through there to find something. These are a few tips we've put together that can help you fit your bathroom closet to your needs. 

No Waste Space

Most bathroom closets have a few shelves, maybe a drawer or two, and that’s it. The wide open space in the middle goes completely to waste. These are areas that can absolutely be used for a wide variety of storage needs. Inserting extra shelves or levels is a great way to fit even more in there. We absolutely understand that it can be difficult to get to things in the back of your bathroom closet at a moment’s notice. That’s why sliding drawers are best, so you never have to really put a lot of effort into reaching all the way inside. 

Labeled Boxes are Your Friend

Putting shelves into your bathroom closet is a great way to organize, but if you just throw your items into the shelves, it probably still won’t help. Extra toothbrushes, cold medicine and razor blades: all things that your bathroom closet should probably have, but not all things that belong on the same shelf. Putting these items in a bunch of smaller boxes is a great way to get them organized and keep them that way. Attaching labels to the boxes can make it incredibly easy to find what you need in seconds. However, we absolutely understand that not everyone feels they have the time to sit down and make a label for every box in their bathroom closet. To get around that, buy clear boxes. Even in the process of waking up in the morning, you’ll be able to open your closet and see where the shaving implements are. 

More Customization in Your Bathroom Closets, the Better

Many of the things people put in their bathroom closets, like towels, sheets, even pillows or the like, tend to be sizable. If you grab one towel from the middle of a stack of towels, the rest of the pile can look disheveled at best and disorganized at worse. Here’s where you can add organization and style by putting dividers in the middle of shelves or hanging hooks. These not only help to separate your items, they make everything look better as well. On that same track, if you really want to take the style and organization of your bathroom closet to the next level, lay out your items by color. All of the blue towels in one row, all of the red in another, and so forth. This level of color coordination not only makes it easy to find anything, it’ll be positively eye-catching for any guests you might have!

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