Fresh Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas


Perhaps more so than any other room in your home, the laundry room is a place for work. It’s probably the room where you or others are the least likely to just hang out. Laundry cabinets can be a great way to make work in your laundry room easy, and these are some tips that we’ve found can streamline your laundry room experience. 

Don’t Overlook Your Laundry Cabinets

When thinking about the cabinets in your home, it’s natural to put the least thought towards your laundry room cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are used practically every day. Bathroom cabinets might be used even more than that, by both you and any guests. If you’re like most people, you don’t have company over to do their laundry. However, you shouldn’t just ignore your laundry room cabinets like they’re an afterthought. If you can swing it, it’s never a bad thing to have one more great looking room in your home. Study after study shows that folks are happiest in a room that looks good. Over the years, you will spend plenty of time in your laundry room, so why not make the best of it? Besides, should you ever decide to sell, an elegant laundry room is a tremendous extra selling point. 

Maximize the Storage Space, but Leave Yourself an Area to Work

Storage is critical in a laundry room, as you need somewhere to put all the detergent, dryer sheets, and more. Laundry room cabinet placement walks a fine line: you want them close enough to the workspace so that they’re within reach, but not so close that they infringe upon your area. Unless your home is very large, the laundry room is liable to not be terribly big. That means that you’re going to want to “max out” the space as much as possible. In addition to the traditional on floor or hanging laundry cabinets, consider having thinner cabinets on the counter, as well. Turning that potentially wasted space into laundry room cabinets not only looks better, it’ll help make everything more organized, as well. 

Best Laundry Room Cabinet Materials

Not to put anywhere down, but too often, laundry rooms have a sterile, utility look to them. An appearance that looks industrial at best and apathetic at worst. A great way to get around that is with real wood laundry cabinets. It’s not exactly easy to decorate your washer and dryer. Almost all of those are purchased with the idea of “getting the job done” instead of “looking great.” However, you can use your laundry room cabinets to draw out the color of the dryer and washer. You can match the finish of your cabinets to the washer or dryer, or use it to play up the contrast. For example, a small laundry room with a tiny window can feel very cramped. However, light oak laundry cabinets can lighten up the entire room. Another advantage wood laundry cabinets have is that they’re good with moisture and humidity. You don’t have to worry about those laundry cabinets cracking or warping.

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