Cabinets That Grow With Them: the Right Cabinetry for Kids’ Rooms


Teaching your kids to be organized is one of the absolute best things you can teach your children. Those are life skills they’ll be using literally for their entire lives. Furthermore, it’ll make your home life easier if your kids are able to pick up and store all of their things easier. A great way to help them to learn to do this is to make sure that there are great cabinets in your kids’ rooms. They’re more liable to keep their toys in their room, while learning responsibility. Perhaps best of all, you can get cabinets for your kids rooms that are as stylish as they are functional. 

Most kids have short attention spans. Their minds go on journey to the next, second by second. That makes it a little hard for them to remember to carry things across a long span of time or distance. To make it easier on them, consider putting cabinetry that’s directly connected to your kids’ play area. If they have a table they often play on, put cabinets or some shelves underneath the table. While they’re younger, and they spend most of their play time in chairs or sitting on boxes, cabinets can be easily built into the bottom of the chairs. Should your kids be big video game players, there are so many kinds of great entertainment centers with built in cabinets. Beyond simply being great storage solutions, these will also help you save on economy of space. If they’re using cabinets underneath their seats or beds, that’s less closet space than they’ll be using. 

Another way to help your kids learn organization through cabinets is through proper labeling. If you don’t label the cabinets, your kids are liable to put their things just in any cabinet, or possibly on the floor. (The author, while not a kid anymore, is certainly familiar with this particular kind of storage.) Use materials and paints or finishes on your cabinets that can withstand having different adhesive labels attached to them. That way, your kids will always know where their things are. Ultimately, this will end up saving you the parent plenty of time and consternation. A child who’s able to go right to the cabinet that says “Formal Socks” is one who will be ready to get into the car to get to the big event on time. The less time you spend helping your kid dig through their closet for what they’re looking for (or doing all the digging for them) the better. Hence, good kids’ room cabinets can be worth their weight in gold. 

Also, you want to have cabinets for your kids’ rooms that can change as your kids do. As kids grow from wanting the best toys to the most stylish clothes, their cabinetry needs will change as well. Removable shelves in closets can be easily adapted. That way, the shelves that held toys can move out of the way for hanging clothes by the time they’re teens. 

Like anything else involving kids, a bit of research as well as trial and error will serve you well in finding the best kids’ cabinets. If you have any questions about this (or other remodeling topics) we’d love to help.

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