What’s the Right Kitchen Countertop for Your Kitchen?


In our experience, most people underestimate how much time they’ll spend at their kitchen countertops. If you really think about it, you might be surprised how often you’re there. You use them in the mornings when you’re making breakfast or coffee, lunch if you’re at home or you can get there, and that’s not even counting dinner time. In the evenings, you make dinner and eat it there, and if you’re like most families nowadays, that’s the time you’ll all spend together. So, your kitchen countertops have to be able to handle quite a bit. We’ve done some research on the best kitchen countertops for different lifestyles, and see if any of these are a good fit for you. 

If it’s heat resistance you’re looking for, there aren’t many kitchen countertops better than limestone or soapstone. They can handle the toughest heat without taking on damage, which makes them perfect for your family to enjoy a nice meal. The problem is that, unfortunately, they can take damage from practically anything else. Those materials can stain easily, and it doesn’t take much to dent them, either. Of course, they look gorgeous. If you appreciate their luxurious style and feel more than you worry about their downsides, they could absolutely have a home in your kitchen. 

Granite countertops are just as tough as they sound like. To borrow a cliché, they’re as tough as granite for a reason. They’re difficult to dent or chip and they can stand up to heat, too. That being said, the corners and edges do chip a bit easier than the rest of the countertop. Should that occur, it’s not the kind of thing a layperson can fix easily. Stains can be an issue, but there’s a way to keep that at bay: resealing. Every now and then, after a while, reseal the granite and the stains won’t be a problem. With granite countertops, you can rest assured that yours are unique. No two slabs of granite are the same, so you’ll have a countertop that no one else does. 

Quartz is the mimic of kitchen countertop materials. You can get quartz countertops that look like granite or marble ones, but you can also get quartz countertops that come in robust, eye-catching color. You don’t have to worry about the durability of quartz, as it can last for a long time without needed maintenance. 

Everyone wants to do better by the environment. “Green” is in, and the same goes for kitchen countertops. Recycled glass countertops can help the ecosystem while helping your kitchen to look even better. It takes quite a bit for these countertops to dent or stain, but some brands will crack a bit after intense exposure to heat. 

Looking for a particular color of kitchen countertop but have had trouble finding it? Solid surfacing and laminate material countertops may be the answer. Recent advancements in technology ensure that these countertops come in many different patterns, colors and the like.  One downside to these is that they do tend to take damage from cutting; we recommend you use a cutting board with them.

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