Trash Your Idea of What a Kitchen Trash Compactor Can Be


When people go through all the things in their mind that they’re worried about for their homes, a kitchen trash compactor may be towards the bottom of the list. However, a good one can be worth its weight in gold. A great kitchen trash compactor can make you more likely to want to entertain and throw parties for families and friends. Many of them add more than just trash compacting to your kitchen: they can add style and ambiance as well. These are some of the better, more unique kitchen trash compactor models we’ve come across. 

Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor – Household Essentials

Rarely does a company have a more accurate name than “Household Essentials.” What separates these kitchen trash compactors from other models is their cost. Reasonably priced, they’re at a price point that most people could afford. It solves a problem that many people have with trash compactors: holding the lid open. The lid will stay open as long as you want, due to the compactor’s unique locking mechanism. Fully manual, you’re in complete control of this trash compactor. The soft-touch pedal is exactly that: very responsive and simple to use.

Icon Professional Series Trash Compactor – Electrolux

For some people, the most important thing a kitchen trash compactor can do is to fit into their existing kitchen décor. They want something that won’t stand out, but rather looks like an organic part of their kitchen. This trash compactor can do that in more ways than one. The ways it blends into your kitchen are so much deeper than just its appearance. With the one of a kind “Luxury-Quiet Sound Package,” you won’t hear this trash compactor. That’s due to the way it lowers the vibrations and thus lowers the sound. Even beyond that, the control panel is at the door’s top, where the lay person won’t see it as they go around your kitchen. 

TU950QPXS Undercounter Trash Compactors – Whirlpool

Everyone wants to do more for the environment. Just having a trash compactor in the first place is a great way to start. What sets this particular one apart is the way it uses resources. When compared to the average kitchen trash compactor, this model uses roughly 50% of the resources. That 50% helps save not only the environment, but your energy bill as well. Even though it uses fewer resources, you get just as much trash compacting power. The stainless steel finish makes it plenty durable and it can compact trash up to 75%, meaning it has lots of power, too. 
Built-In Trash Compactor – Kitchenaid

Nothing ruins a lovely dinner faster than the smell of trash. It can be genuinely overwhelming and not in a good way. This particular trash compactor makes odor control a top priority. That allows you to leave the trash in your compactor for as long as you’d like, which gives you the power to set your own schedule. You’ll also notice the sleek design of this trash compactor would look great in just about any kitchen.

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