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There’s nothing better than having a new bathroom, kitchen, or building that gives you confidence and security in the coming year. Regrettably, not all renovations run effortlessly. In fact, you can almost guarantee that something will not be right, be delayed or just decide not to work. While it is difficult to envisage a renovation mishaps, it is imperative to avoid common as well as detrimental mistakes.

1. Picking the Wrong Projects

There is something about starting over that makes us feel invincible - so invincible that we decide to take on projects that we don't have the time, high remodeling budget, or talent to finish. Before you start any renovations, assess the property's potential. Will the value gained from the renovation be worth the time and money you put into the renovations?

2. Ignoring the Survey

If you are purchasing a new property to renovate, learn everything about the property before you purchase it. Don't be surprised by rotting subsidence, or structural defects in the middle of an expensive design-build. Obtain a building survey that will provide key information about materials used to build the structure, any defects found, fixes to the defects, and estimates on how much they will cost.

3. Hiring Rogue Contractors

If you're not quite handy enough to handle your own renovation, hiring a contractor with experience and good reviews is absolutely paramount to the completion and quality of your renovation. When contract work is bad, it can be really bad and expensive to fix. Always be suspicious of really low bids. This can be an indicator that the company is inexperienced, in financial trouble, does shoddy work, or uses cheap materials. Hire a builder that is an experienced, highly rated organization that houses its builders and designers under the same roof. This guarantees faster communication and high quality service every time.

4. Setting a Low Budget

Often what can extend projects to ungodly lengths is low remodeling cost. This can cause contractors to become frustrated, suspending your project for others until income starts to flow again or perhaps they will choose cheaper, less efficient materials. Unless you have unlimited income, ensure that you have a contingency in place of about 10-20% to cover unexpected costs. Prepare your budget by making a list of all tasks that must be completed and the cost of materials.

5. Making Small Additions

Avoid making small, piecemeal renovations to your property as money allows. Often this results in multiple unfinished, and dysfunctional purgatory-like rooms that can cripple your property. It is best to save up money to complete one project at time. However, if you have to sell the property at any time, there will not be a million different projects that need to be finished before the property is sold.

6. Going Cheap

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners do when doing renovations is going cheap when buying materials. Truth is, you're going to get what you pay for

7. Not Doing the Prep Work

Not making a preparatory work, and doing it the precise way, instantaneously.

8. Using the Inappropriate Tools

Using the inappropriate tools can ruin the project, the tool, and harm yourself as well.

9. Setting an Unfeasible Budget

This point is where most people get it wrong. Renovation is expensive and time consuming, however, people miscalculate the cost value for a renovation, and they typically overlook the addition of cost of labor to their budgets. It is imperative to understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, unless the demolition procedure is in full swing so you need to be flexible with the budget and in addition, be realistic.

10. Inaccurate Measurements

Inaccurate measurements can make a huge difference. If your measurements are neither precise nor symmetrical, you won't get the end product and impression that you want. If you're uncertain on making measurements and directions, search for a professional.

Best remodeling style to your property can be a great investment. But improperly managed renovations can disrupt and destroy the property. In order to be successful, begin with avoiding these top common renovation mistakes. And if your job is too big for you to handle, contact an experienced and reputable contractor to do the job.

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