Beautiful Flooring for Your Kitchen


You have the plan to remodel your kitchen, but you do not know what type of floor to use? Before going for shopping, other aspects than your taste, your lifestyle and your budget should be considered in order to choose the most appropriate floor for your kitchen remodels.


There is a choice of impressive materials in the tiled shelves: whether you prefer terracotta, natural stone or sandstone, you are sure to find your happiness.

Terracotta: Perfect for bringing character to modern kitchens, terracotta must be treated against stains to maintain its beauty, whether it is in the form of tomettes, tiles or pavers. Some resin-based products that give it a glossy appearance can limit its maintenance thereafter. This is specially made for the best kitchens.

Natural stone: Resistant and warm, it offers the best kitchen design. In return, natural stone, especially granite, remains a very expensive coating. Note that it is ideal for buildings to install underfloor heating while remodeling its kitchen.
Easy to maintain, the sandstone seduces us with its reasonable price and its imitating talents of natural stones, marble and wood and that’s one the main reason it’s being used by kitchen remodelers.

Vinyl: practical and cheap

In the past, plastic floors were just appreciated for their cheap kitchen remodel cost because they curl easily and give a low-end look to the room. Nowadays, the models of vinyl flooring and PVC that we find have nothing to do with it as they can be used for custom kitchen remodeling; they offer a wide range of decorations, can imitate wood or concrete, are aesthetic, remain very affordable, arise quickly and easily, and are always convenient because of the low maintenance they require.

This kitchen remodeling floor plan is perfect for small budgets and those with limited household time, vinyl is also an excellent sound and heat insulator, which can be very useful for a kitchen located above a cold room as a sub-kitchen floor or garage.

Concrete: a modern coating

This has been a kitchen remodeling floor plan since the beginning of the millennium, it has undeniable aesthetic qualities and gives the ground a homogeneous aspect. With a wide variety of colors, inlays and decorative effects, a matte finish, satin or luster, it can customize your home as desired. If it is rather easy to maintain, the concrete however has major disadvantages: it is permeable to stains, streaks and marks more than a tile, and poorly withstands the thermal variations that cause the appearance of cracks. It is also relatively expensive.

Parquet flooring: ideal for open kitchens

As long as you opt for an exotic gasoline or treat it against moisture while remodeling your kitchen, wood can be used for the kitchen floor, especially since it can be found at reasonable prices. As there is a risk of water infiltration between the slats of a floating floor, it is better to prefer the glued pose that resists moisture well.

Parquet remains a binding floor for a kitchen, especially in terms of maintenance. This is why it is used mainly to allow a homogeneous floor in open kitchens.

If style and price are paramount in choosing a floor for his kitchen, they are not the only ones to take into account. Indeed, other criteria such as budget, ease of maintenance and installation, and insulating qualities and resistance to stains and shocks are of paramount importance to determine the ideal floor to design your kitchen. Who knows, it's possible he's still here in 50 years!

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