The Sheer Versatility of Vinyl Flooring


Everyone has an idea of what they want their flooring to look like. Some people want the majesty of stone, some the utility of ceramic tiles, and others the gleam of wood flooring. While those options each have their own pros and cons, there’s one kind of flooring that can give you some of the best of each of those options. Vinyl flooring has an incredible versatility that manifests itself in many different ways. 


You can make vinyl flooring to look like what you want. It can simulate the look of wood floors, tile and even stone. The mimicry of vinyl flooring is one of its greatest assets. It doesn’t just simulate broad strokes of those floors; it can mirror the specifics as well. Natural slate, porcelain, and even abstract styles – you can make vinyl flooring to look exactly how you want it to look. You aren’t encumbered by what the material is (as you would be with wood, stone or ceramic tile). You can customize vinyl to meet your needs. 


Vinyl can give you the look of all those other kinds of flooring options without the price that is usually associated with each of them. Vinyl is one of the more economical flooring options on the market today. That way, anyone who wants the design can have something similar to a stone or hardwood floor without having to pay stone or hardwood prices.


Vinyl flooring is super easy to clean. With just a damp mop, vacuum or broom it’s simple to make vinyl flooring look as pristine as the day it was installed. Carpet can accumulate stains over time that may never come out, while you can clean vinyl flooring whenever you’d like. Here in Southern California, it does rain now and then, so vinyl flooring is great for those areas where someone might track in mud, grime or other things from the pouring down weather outside. 


No one wants to have to keep putting in different kinds of floors. Here’s another place where the versatility of vinyl stands out: it lasts for a long period of time. Less expensive than ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring is perfect for those areas where a lot of people are going to be walking through. Some vinyl flooring even has a noise minimizing surface. That means that it’s really great for homes with young kids and pets, as the loud noises won’t wake anyone up. Of course, that’s another reason that the “easy to clean” nature of vinyl flooring really stands out. 

Great for Homes and Commercial Areas

If you serve food or drinks, eventually, someone is going to spill them. That’s simply a law of nature. Vinyl flooring is perfect for restaurants, cafes, or anywhere that folks are going to be eating and drinking. 

Those are just a few of the different ways that vinyl flooring can be altered to match exactly what you want in flooring. You have many options when you’re looking for flooring, and the versatility of vinyl flooring might be able to provide you with the right set.

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