Strong Like an Oak: is Oak the Best Hardwood Flooring Choice for You?


The gleam of hardwood flooring is unlike any other kind of flooring option. There’s something so perfect and stately about it. Reasons abound that hardwood floors are some of the most sought after and requested flooring options. Safe, stylish and gorgeous, there’s a lot to recommend hardwood flooring. Just as there are many different kinds of wood, there are many different kinds of hardwood flooring options. Wood from oak trees is understood to be one of the hardiest kinds of wood. Indeed, the expression “strong like an oak” is a cliché for a reason. Oak is a very popular choice in hardwood flooring. The question becomes: is it the right choice for you? 

Looks Good Anywhere and Everywhere

You’d have to really work to find a room that doesn’t look great with oak hardwood flooring. It looks just as organic and natural in the most classical, ancient home as it does in a hyper cutting edge, modernist home of the future. The reason for that might lie in the traditional look of oak floors. For many folks, “oak” is the default they think of when it comes to hardwood flooring. Thus, they associate with it a timeless, eternal quality. It never looks out of place. Indeed, oak hardwood flooring adds a style all its own to any room. 


Rarely do two oak hardwood flooring panels look the same. They each have this natural feel to them. There’s a good reason for that. For most oak hardwood flooring panels, they bring the same qualities their tree did. So, when you look at oak hardwood flooring panels, you’ll see the streaks. There will be visible knots in one panel, but there won’t be any in the one next to it. The organic nature of the tree will live on in your oak hardwood flooring, giving your home a genuine one of a kind feel. 

What Abnormalities? 

Even the best and strongest hardwood flooring is going to chip or dent after a while. That’s simply life. However, most hardwood flooring options won’t be able to hide those small abnormalities as well as oak will. That even includes options like hickory, birch or maple. Those are fine, high quality hardwood flooring choices, but they won’t be able to mask life’s little dings and dents the same way that the organic, strong grain pattern of oak flooring can. Even beyond that, you’re likely to have fewer of those dents with oak hardwood flooring because…

Tough as an Oak

The “Janka Hardness Test” may sound like something that measures how strong your coffee is, but it’s actually a word for a test that measures how hard your hardwood flooring is. Oak typically measures as one of the harder types of floors. That means that it can withstand a lot of day to day foot traffic while also being just a little bit softer than some of the absolute hardest floors. 

There are so many viable options for hardwood flooring; it can be difficult to pick just one. Oak is just one of the many great options, but it might just be the perfect option for you.

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