Work Permits


Work permits for construction or better known as “Building permits” is a legal document which is used to ensure that contractors and even building owners build in accordance with the building code enforced by the state. These permits give the rights to only workers who are authorized and capable of constructing at specified time frame and in accordance with the laid down rules of the building code of the city. Normally, permit for construction may cover other activities which may include and is not limited to:

  • Demolition
  • Lifting operations
  • Work to roofs
  • Work to high pressure systems
  • Work to high risk places such as laboratories and factories
  • Electrical works, e.t.c.

The permit for construction is just a way to make our buildings safer possible only through the enforcement of the methods underlined by the permits. Permits for construction are specific and states the work and its location, give tangible information on safety measures, specifies the time for which the work should be carried out, rolls out guidelines for the personal protective equipment to be used during the construction and also gives information regarding other buildings around the one under construction. When the permits are followed, the occupants of the building are given the best fighting chance against incidences like structural failure which may be as simple as a child getting stuck between the stairs. Besides, its highly illegal not to obtain a permit before starting any construction or building work which may lead to sanctions.

Normally, permits for construction takes a longer time to be issued and may take up weeks before it is given. 

Normally, not all construction processes require a permit. Situations like building a deck less than 30 inches does not need one, a fence that is less than 6 feet. However, when putting up a new siding, you do not require a permit in some towns while you require in the other towns. Little things like painting, wallpapering, putting a new faucet, replacing a window glass and simple repairs does not need a permit.

Obtaining a building permit should be left for the contractor handling the project. He is the one handling the project and can be able to answer questions relating to the building and will be on record and he will be held liable if the building does not follow the required processes.

Getting a permit requires showing the plan in detail of what you are setting up. Its also known as a formal blueprint which would have been set up by an architect. If it is a new building you are putting up,  a site map showing the direct location of the building on the property is necessary too.

The plans are submitted to the local authority on building which may take two weeks or more to approve it. Fees for application of building permits are not fixed and depends on the kind of project whether renovation or building. It ranges from $50 to $500.

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