Who is CSLB- California State License Board and their Authority


CSLB (California State License Board) is an authority that started under the Department of Professional and Vocational Standards although it is now under the California Department of Consumer Affairs. It was formed in 1929 having its headquarters in Sacramento, California and is charged with the responsibility of licensing and regulating contractors in California in the 44 classes of the construction field. On the board sits 15 members where they appoint the executive officer and also give directives on the policy of the board. The members of the board are selected by the Governor and the California state legislative arm. The board comprises of an active official of local building, eight public members one of whom is a senior citizen, a member of the organization of labor and five contractors.

 The board comprises of a staff numerical strength of around 400 overseen by the registrar. The board has offices all over the state of California. The CSLB are directly involved in the protection of the interests of California consumers by being involved in the licensing, monitoring and regulation of the construction industry in the state. 

The CSLB is directly involved in the processing of applications and issuance of license numbers to contractors that are new. They also do renewals, make changes on the already existing licenses. In addition, they maintain the licenses and ensure strict adherence to sanctions imposed licenses in the past.

The laws of CSLB include:

  • Approved elimination of outdated regulatory language (California code of regulations sections 811, 832.5, 832-6, 832-14, 832.35 and 854)
  • Approved adoption of class C-22-asbestos abatement contractor (California code of regulations section 832.22) and asbestos classification and certification limitations and examination requirement (CCR section 833)
  • approved nonsubstantive amendments to regulatory language (California code of regulations sections 816, 817, 832, 832.16, 864, 865, 867,869.5 and 870)
  • Approved blanket performance and payment bond regulations
  • Approved amendments to CSLB licensing fee regulations
  • Approved C-47- General manufactured housing contractor regulations (California code of regulations section 832.47)
  • Approved repeal of credit for experience (California code of regulations section 829)
  • Approved fingerprint regulations
  • Approved substantial relationship, rehabilitation, and reapplication regulations (california code of regulations sections)

The authority of CSLB revolves around the construction industry, regulating it through policies that ensure strict adherence in matters concerning the health, safety and the entire well being of the general public in matters concerning construction industry. The license contractors and make sure they adhere to the necessary laws of the state.

They also make provide necessary documents to the court when needed. They keep all records of all sanctions imposed on erring contractors and ensure the sanctions are obeyed to the latter. They also have the power to hold meetings with the public across the entire state to get the consumers reviews on matters concerning the state.

The key members of the board currently are David R. Fogt (Registrar of contractors) and Kevin J. Albanese (Chair).

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