Things You Should Know Before Getting Linoleum Flooring


Linoleum flooring is all the rage right now. It seems wherever you go, folks are getting linoleum flooring for their home or office. It has so much to benefit it: it’s as tough and strong as it is stylish. You won’t have to replace it for a long period of time, because linoleum flooring is so sturdy and durable. Different colors are available so that you can fit it to your décor. Even if there are dents and dings, it’ll look great because the pigment runs through the entire linoleum. And perhaps best of all, it’s great for the environment. Biodegradable and VOC free, linoleum flooring helps make the world better for future generations. However, there are some negative facets to linoleum flooring that you should be aware of before you purchase it. 

Watch Your Step

Few flooring options look better than linoleum flooring that’s just been waxed. Shiny and gleaming, the flooring looks brand new and gorgeous. However, it’s also liable to be quite slippery. You want to be especially careful about linoleum floors that have been recently waxed. That’s why some folks can be a bit reticent about putting it in homes with young kids. Almost any flooring option can be slippery, but linoleum in particularly can be slippery. 

Be Sharp

One of linoleum’s great strengths is that even if it is dented, it won’t be that noticeable due to the pigment in the flooring. However, linoleum can be dented. In addition to the expected things like furniture legs and the like, even high heels can dent linoleum flooring. So, if you’re the kind of person that’s going to be entertaining quite a bit, with high society parties, you might want to think long and hard if linoleum flooring is perhaps the best option for that area. 

Linoleum May Be Perfect, But It’s Not Perfect for Every Room

You wouldn’t want to be in a boat that can take on water. By that same token, linoleum flooring can take on water, too. It’s prone to taking on moisture. That’s why, even though linoleum may be perfect for the living room, it might not be such a great choice for the laundry room or the washroom. A good rule of thumb: if the room is liable to have constant threat of high humidity or water spills, maybe linoleum isn’t exactly what you want. 
Not Preserved in Amber

While linoleum flooring is very durable, it can wear down in a few circumstances. For example, you might want to think twice about putting linoleum flooring somewhere the sun will be constantly shining down on it day after day. If you do, “ambering” may occur. While “ambering” may sound like a process where you remember memories as better than they were or something, it’s actually a term for a process where exposure to sunlight can cause the linoleum’s color to yellow, darken, or otherwise warp. 

There are so many great reasons to put linoleum flooring in your home. For many people, it will be the absolute best kind of flooring. With these downsides in mind, you can put linoleum in all the right places.

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