Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Bathroom Sink


Most people don’t have to pick a new bathroom sink that often. It’s easy to not know exactly what goes into buying one. You want to get this decision right, because you’re going to be stuck with your bathroom sink for some time. It can be expensive to get a new one after you put it in, so you want a good fit the first time. Doing your online research is always a good start before any purchase, but there are some things you have to do in your own home so that you can find your best bathroom sink. 

No Two Bathrooms are the Same in Terms of Traffic

The bathroom of a young boy is going to be used very differently from the bathroom of a working married couple. The sink should reflect that. You obviously want your children’s bathroom to look as nice as possible, but it’s important to keep in mind that it has to be a bathroom first and stylish second. That’s why we recommend erring on the side of durability when it comes to bathroom sinks for your kids. In terms of materials, these could be a good fit for a metal sink. Brass, copper, stainless steel – each of these can withstand being a child’s bathroom sink while also still looking pretty good. You also might want to think about marble or granite sinks, as well. They’re so easy to clean, you can even teach your kids about responsibility by having them clean their bathroom sinks themselves. 

For the married couple’s bathroom sink, it’ll be used in the mornings and a bit in the evenings, but that’s probably about it. This is where you might want to look into a more aesthetically attractive bathroom sink, the kind of bathroom sink that you’d want to show off to your guests. Porcelain, fireclay and vitreous china are gorgeous. They won’t discolor or corrode, so they can last for a long time. You won’t have to use any special products to clean them, so it’s easy to make them look as lustrous as the day you installed them. Glass also looks great. While it sounds like glass bathroom sinks would be fragile, they really aren’t. They’ve gotten stronger and more durable due to advancements in chemical treatments. 

A Bathroom Sink to Fit the Space

The most gorgeous, ornate bathroom sink isn’t going to look good if it’s too large for the bathroom. By that same token, a tiny sink will look out of place in an expansive bathroom. You want a bathroom sink that fits the rest of the bathroom in terms of both décor and size. Before you get a bathroom sink, go into your bathroom space and imagine how your daily routine will look. Do you have a storage closet, cabinet or place to get all of your daily things? If not, then you’re probably going to want a bathroom sink with a countertop space. Once you’ve taken this all into consideration, you can find your best bathroom sink.

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