10 Garden Party Ideas for a Botanical Fete: a Guide to Creating Your Own Floral Wonderland


When you talk about garden party ideas, what easily comes to mind is a table filled with various kinds of fruits, sandwiches and all the flairs that come with a garden party. But a garden party can be much more elegant and fascinating. If you are looking forward to holding a memorable one in the nearest future, I will be sharing some helpful tips.

When planning to host your botanical garden party, you have to first of all take into consideration the subject of the celebration, the number of persons you wish to invite, that will determine to a large extent the type and kind of venue you would use to host the party. If it is an intimate party with few friends, you wouldn’t need as much space compared to a wedding celebration.

Almost every outdoor space can easily be transformed to a party venue. A backyard can easily be transformed with the use of flowers, a barn can also be decorated with flowers or you also have the option of looking for venues that already have natural plants like a garden, conservatory, greenhouse or a botanical garden. Whatever venue you choose it is paramount that the guests have enough space to easily move around and mingle.  The Garden decoration style is mostly floral; green or floral patterns should be incorporated into many aspects of the design as possible. Make sure to use bouquet and peonies of roses, sage, eucalyptus for the decoration and also add green garlands. Then you can add some special decoration which I will be sharing with you.

1. Use of Rugs

Apart from Rugs being used as indoor decorations, it can also be used for outdoor decorations. You can also used outdoor rugs for a botanical garden, just make sure there is a blend of colors while using an outdoor rug for decoration, as a wrong color could do a lot of harm to the beauty of the decoration.

2. Make sure to use candles

A sleek combination of candles and flowers can give your table a very cozy look, just be sure that the arrangement is made in a way as not to disrupt food and drinks.  A few candles should be placed close to the flowers, ideally at the centre of the table.

3. Use a single long table

Where the party is large, a single long table would be ideal as it would enable guests to share food and converse easily.

4. Use a single color flower

While trying to pull up a good garden decoration, it is advisable to use a single colored flower, and the color should be preferably the color of the table cloth, just ensure the flowers are not too high so guest can easily converse.

5. Signature Drinks

Signature drinks are vital for any events, especially when the event happens to be an outdoor event, floral infused deink are well suited for a botanical fete because it brings the theme of the garden to the bar.

6. A touch of Floral inspired foods

There should be a touch of some floral inspired foods, there is a wide range to choose from or you can make a food that matches with your floral decoration.

7. Mix Patterns of Various Designs

There is no better event to mix different patterns of design than a garden party and outdoor space, but make sure there is a blend in colors or uniformity in colors.

8. You can use Terrarium center piece

You can fill nice looking glass with berries, moss and add to your garden table.

9. Use decorative lightening system

You can use decorative lights, but it should be very minimal and placed at very strategic points where it can bring out the overall beauty of the decoration.

10. Sweet Flavors

Be sure to give each guest the botanical garden theme, at the end of the party give each guest a wildflower seed packet that they can plant at home to savor the memory of the party. Set an area in your venue where the guest can be thought how to plant the seeds.

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