Wall Covering Enhances the Beauty and Value of the Home


There are almost endless innovative ideas to freshen up and brighten your interior decor. But decorating the ceiling and walls with stylish wall coverings is the most creative and prudent way to bring a fresh feel to your home. Wall coverings compose all such materials that are used to cover, protect and adorn the walls and ceiling. These coverings come in so many varieties and qualities; here are a few useful tips to select the right ones that will definitely improve the ambiance of your entire home during remodeling.

Wall coverings can bring a new life and revive the entire vibe of your room. They can dramatically turn the dull and boring feel of your room into a rejuvenating and refreshing one. Since there a wide variety of coverings is available today, customers can easily find all kinds of color choices and can create their desired look. Customers can select the right type of finish that exactly matches the interior decor of the home.

Different Types of Wall Coverings 

  • Vinyl Covering

Vinyl is the best known and the most popular type of covering that can create a fresh and tempting look for your room. These coverings come in so many colors and patterns and have a look of paper. It is made with flexible film and is easy to apply and clean.

  • Fabric Covering

It is another type of covering that is usually made of woven textiles with a heavy paper back. Unlike other wall coverings, fabric coverings are more resistant to grease and moisture. It gives a proper finish that is less likely to wear-and-tear.

  • Foil Wallpaper

Foil or Mylar is a highly reflective metal coating that can add a very luxurious look to the environment and has a tendency to brighten up dark spaces. A perfect surface underneath and a careful handling is required for proper application of foil paper.

  • Embossed or Relief Covering

This type of wallpaper has a relief pattern that has the intention to provide texture to your walls. It is a worthwhile choice for hiding the damaged, cracked or uneven walls with this durable decorative painting. This covering can be easily applied or re-applied and they can easily disguise wall defects. Embossed wallpapers with a relief pattern create an important and vivid effect on walls and ceilings.

  • Flocked Paper 

Flocked paper is an antiquated style covering with a raised velvety texture that will give texture to the walls and greatly cover-up wall imperfections. 

  • Special Coverings for Walls

Some special coverings for walls are also available in the market; made of different materials like cloth, silk, burlap, Mylar, bamboo and grass. Professional assistance is required in order to install, handle and maintain these types of coverings.

Since there is a huge variety of wall covering available in the market, therefore it is very easy for people to install any of them. A dealer will best assist you with the right covering choices that will certainly bring a reviving look to your interior decor.

Ceramic tiles are wonderfully decorative and also extremely practical, so make ideal wall coverings for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. There is no need to confine their use to the purely utilitarian, as, especially in hot countries, they can look spectacular lining alcoves or window recesses.

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