5 Budget Ideas For Remodeling A Small Bathroom


A small bathroom can be quite congesting but who says that remodeling is not an option. In fact, remodeling a small bathroom can be extremely fun and it can make the bathroom look a lot better. After all, it is an integral part of the house where an individual prefers to spend quite a lot of time, given below are 5 budget ideas for remodeling a small bathroom:

Idea #1: Save Money on Tiles

Small bathroom remodeling would be under budget when an individual would plan to save money on tiles. There are many expensive tiles available in the market and hiring the contractor for the tile work can take a toll on the budget. The Internet is full of options and there are many tiles, which one can find at a reasonable price.

The best idea would be to use tiles in such a manner that it takes up least space in the bathroom. For example, instead of focusing on the entire floor use the tiles on specific areas and paint the remaining portion of the floor. Some people also put up the tiles on the walls in the bathroom; however, it is not always necessary. It would depend on the design and on the preference of the owner. It would be wise to get an idea from tons of websites and blogs, which are dedicated to the designs of the small bathrooms. It would serve as an inspiration and who knows what idea might click to make a small but perfect bathroom in the house.

Idea #2 Paint the Bathroom

One of the most amazing small bathroom remodeling ideas includes painting the bathroom. Sometimes painting gives a new look to the area; however, provided that the accessories and stuff in the bathroom are not too old. It is important to keep in mind that painting might take up a lot of time and it would be wise to paint in steps, as there would be a tub, sink, mirror, and so much more.

Painting the bathroom would require patience and time, as there are things, which one cannot simply remove from the bathroom. It might require several steps to paint the entire bathroom despite the fact that it would be of small size.

Idea #3 Update the Towel Racks and Washbasin

Sometimes making a small change can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the bathroom. A simple update by using new and fashionable towel racks can make the washroom look appealing to the eyes.

It is possible that the small bathroom would be plain and would have a simple washbasin, which could be quite old. Even changing the sinks by updating it with a fancy one can bring a new look to the small bathroom. It is amazing how a small change can bring a drastic change in the overall appearance; however, it would be wise to select the best designs. In order to do so, visit famous places and look for the most reasonable yet appealing designs.

Idea #4 Refurbish Old Tub or Shower

Replacing small fixtures is possible; however, on the other hand, replacing the entire tub or shower can be very costly. There are kits available in the market, which can assist an individual in refurbishing the tub or shower. However, it is wise to follow the do it yourself tasks when one is extremely confident.

There is tons of information available online in the form of tutorials, blogs, and detailed articles. However, before making a final decision it would be wise to do a thorough research on the professionals and experts. There is a possibility of finding someone taking a reasonable amount for refurbishing the bathtub or shower while one can provide the kit and essential tools.

Idea #5 Purchase Used Products

Keeping in view the fact, that world is advancing; it is now possible to shop even the used products from the comfort of home. There are websites like eBay and platforms like Craigslist, Facebook market, which can assist a person in finding the used products at a reasonable price.

It would be wise to check the listings on the relevant websites and decide accordingly. Gone are the days when people would dread going out in the market as they have to find the perfect fixture, toilet, bathtub, or sink by spending a lot of time in the market. Now, they can easily order online and can actually get the product on their doorsteps. However, one should check with the service provider about the home delivery of the items. In any case, buying a used product can save tons of money, which an individual can use for other purposes.

Final Words

It appears that renovating a small bathroom requires a unique idea and an interesting design, which is affordable. It is wise to check the different blogs, websites, and tutorials, which offer designs and ideas to change the bathrooms and give them a new look. Nowadays, there are different programs, on which people do a makeover of the entire house, bathroom, and give it a very new look. It would be helpful to check such programs and get an inspiration to give a new look to the small bathroom in the house. Remember, the idea should be budget friendly for example, saving money on tiles, painting bathroom, updating towel racks, sinks, refurbishing bathtub or shower, and buying used products from the market.

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