Hanging a Mirror: The Best Way to make it Elevate your Home


A mirror as home equipment combines both decor and purpose of remodeling your home. Aside from making you have a grasp of whether you have applied your powder correctly, it makes your little spaces appear larger and dark rooms seem lighter. This is, however, dependent on where you hang it and how you put it up. There are lots of mirror hanging/decor experts in Los Angeles. This article will provide you some hanging tips to make your mirror serve the intended purpose. 

Before you start

Have it in mind that it's not all mirrors that are meant to be hung; some are made to be leaners. Manufacturers often state at the back of standing mirrors that its liability won't cover it if you hang it and it breaks.

To safely hang your mirror, insert a hook on the wall, aside from the one on the back of the mirror. It is not safe to fasten a cable wire, for instance, across a single hook. Also, to make the mirror reflect more of your room, it is advisable to hang it on the wall with a downward tilt. 

How to Hang a Mirror

In an entryway: The first impression any guests would have of your aesthetics is the foyer. Therefore, placing a mirror above a console table gives your guest a welcoming touch. It also gives the great opportunity to have a last look at yourself before leaving the door. 

On the door: Position a full-length mirror at your door, so it occupies the more significant part of your door. Ensure you have a stable core door and use mirror clips. This is an easy way to ensure your hardware will fasten in properly.

Above the mantel: Position the mirror at least 4-5 inches over the top of the shelf. However, you can go higher if your frame is thicker. This will prevent your decor from having a dark shadow cast. 

In the bathroom: Even though many bathroom sinks have frameless mirrors which are mounted on the wall with adhesive, you can remodel it by bringing in a professional frame the mirror to increase visual interest. This prevents the mirror from scratching or breaking easily. 

Over hard surfaces: You can pick up drill bits made especially for glass, tile, or concrete. Then, if you will be hanging on drywall, hang with appropriate hardware.

Where to Hang a Mirror 

In a living room: If you want to take significant advantage of the cozy afternoon light, place the mirror on the wall opposite the window. If it's in another location (probably the bedroom), you can try the adjacent window to capitalize on morning light.

The dining room: If you have a beautiful chandelier to show off, this is one of the most popular spaces for dramatic mirrors. However, if the light has an exposed bulb, it can make the reflection to be glaring. It is advisable to diffuse it with an antiqued mirror.

Another good place in the house to hang a mirror is an entry hall. Aside from the beauty is gives, it makes space appear brighter and more significant.  

Tricks and Tips

Conform to your decorating style. Overlook a rustic wood frame if your style is more modern, and settle for a sleek frame metal design. However, do not forget your aesthetic while selecting the right mirror style (and color) for your home.

Try a grouping. You add character to space if you hang a group of mirrors on a wall. However, ensure you hang them in the same proportion (just like an artwork). You will achieve a great balance when an equal space occurs between each mirror.

For high rooms, use vertical mirrors, while the horizontally-set mirror is the best for long rooms. 
Above the bed. If you consider placing a mirror above the bed, it is advisable you hire a professional to do the job for you.

The cost of remodeling your home (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) with mirror integration varies among various contractors in Los Angeles.

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