Everything and the Bathroom Sink


Most people don’t realize just how many different kinds of bathroom sinks are out there. They just think of the bathroom sink as a singular “thing,” where they’re all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are actually a wide variety of different bathroom sinks available, all of which have a different style. To truly make your bathroom look the way you want it, you have to find a bathroom sink that fits your exact parameters. Here are just a few of the kinds of bathroom sinks that we recommend, there are, of course, many more. 

If you’re living in an apartment or a smaller home, you may not have the biggest bathroom. To conserve space, you might want to look into wall hung sinks. They conserve precious space by being directly installed against the wall itself. Supply lines and the drains are visible, and there really isn’t in much in the way of a vanity or countertop at all. This is the kind of sink that you may want to seriously look at a medicine or other kind of bathroom cabinet to have all of the bathroom necessities you’d want within reach. Another sink possibility in this kind of home is a pedestal sink. They also don’t have a vanity, but they do have a bit of a countertop. Beyond that, they get the name “pedestal” from the small column beneath the sink that covers the drainpipe. 

For a little more style and a cohesive look, you could consider a console sink. You can see the plumbing drain and there’s often a shortage of countertop, but the sink is well supported by four or two legs. The key to the style of this sink is in the matching. Match the faucet material with the console, supply lines or even the plumbing drain itself to get the most out of this style of sink. 

Vessel sinks could be just the ticket to another level of sink style. This style sink offers quite a bit of room above the countertop, so you can store your toothbrush, razors, soap and more there. The convenience is a good match for the style. As the bottom of the sink is in line with the countertop, it rests on top of the vanity counter. 

There’s nothing “vain” about vanity bathroom tops: they’re just great looking sinks. If you’ve seen a sink that has a slight overhang from the vanity it’s on top of, it’s probably this kind of sink. They can be made from many different kinds of materials, but be warned: you have to tailor them to exact dimensions of the vanity cabinet for these sinks to look their best. 

The bathroom sink that most people are used to is often referred to as an “undermount sink.” One thing this style of sink offers: versatility. As the countertop is cut for the specific size of the sink, this kind of sink is fully customizable to the needs of you and your bathroom. These sinks make it easy to make your bathroom truly yours. Often, they’re installed from underneath a countertop that’s a solid surface, so they look like an organic part of the bathroom.

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