Why Are Black Stainless Steel Appliances So Popular?


Ever since black stainless steel appliances hit the market several years ago, they have been more preferred to other appliances in the market. So many people who have replaced their appliances when remodeling their kitchen have chosen black stainless steel models, a little bit behind white appliances. Stainless steel appliances are the most popular appliances at 73 percent. The growing need of consumers for a new alternative that combines the tradition benefit of using a stainless steel appliance and a unique modern look to complement different types of kitchen design brought about the evolution of black stainless steel.

One of the numerous outstanding features of black stainless steel appliances is its ability to resist fingerprint and smudges. Cleaning Black stainless steel appliances is a lot easier than other appliances.

With two children below the age of 6, you may wipe your stainless steel refrigerator on a daily basis; but with the black stainless steel, you may only have to wipe down the refrigerator, when doing a full kitchen clean up. Black stainless steel appliances do not require the use of special polishes to achieve a clean look; it can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water.  Most of the regular stainless steel refrigerators are not fingerprint-resistant finish, so there would be water spots, streaks, fingerprint, and smudges after cleaning. In other words, there would be resultant scratches as a result of keeping the appliances clean which would also take considerable effort to ensure that they are clean.

Black stainless steel has a timeless look; it has the ability to withstand heat and also possess corrosion resistant application. Black stainless steel possesses the same composition of silicon, iron, chromium, carbon and nickel, which can be found in the traditional stainless steel products; but differs in a sense that it has a unique protective coating of polymer that gives a black matte finish, but still remains as durable as the classic stainless steel and has rich and deeper colored finish.

Black steel appliances with its premium finish offer a unique premium look and can be used in any household, even households on a budget. Unlike classical steel appliances that may not blend when upgrading from white and traditional black appliances, black steel appliances blend even as you upgrade your kitchen suite. Its ease of use makes it a stylish and sensible choice.

Another unique feature of black stainless steel is that it works incredibly well whether as a mix or match option or as a complete set. Although traditional stainless steel and black stainless steel offer the same level of durability, black steel provides incredibly sleek designs little wonder why they have been seen as a warmer alternative to the regular stainless.

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