The terms and conditions below govern your access to and use of ; REMODELZZ.COM, and the related services and applications offered by REMODELZZ (including any new features and applications, collectively, the “Services”). You agree to the Terms of Service by accessing or using the Services. Do not access or use the Services if you are unwilling or unable to be bound by the Terms of Service

By signing our agreement, you will get full access to all projects we match you with and you will be charged a small referral fee for any project you're hired for.


This agreement establishes a referral arrangement between REMODELZZ, Inc. (“REMODELZZ” or “us”) and ___________________ (“Contractor”), and hereby incorporates REMODELZZ’s Terms of Service ( and Referral Agreement (HEREIN).This agreement is meant to be a clear and straight-forward foundation for a lasting and mutually-beneficial relationship between the parties.

Definition of Referral
REMODELZZ connects a home or business owner (“Project Owner”) with a contractor suited for the home remodeling or construction project (“Project”) based on several REMODELZZ criteria, including licenses, work experience, permits, and previous customer feedback. A “Referral” occurs when REMODELZZ recommends Contractor to the Project Owner via our online project management system or a phone call, email or SMS.

Referral Fee
Contractor agrees to pay REMODELZZ’s standard referral fee (2.0%), as set forth in the Referral Agreement, except if a different referral fee is set forth in the Project proposal provided by REMODELZZ. In addition, Contractor agrees that:

  • - An invoice for the Referral Fee will be issued as soon as a contract with the Project Owner or its representative has been signed or the Project is otherwise agreed upon or awarded to Contractor, as further described in the Referral Agreement.
  • - The referral fee shall be based on the total value of the Project, including labor and material costs.
  • - Contractor agrees to provide upon request proof of pricing in the form of a signed work agreement and any other documentation reasonably requested by REMODELZZ.
  • - The referral fee can be paid by credit card via our online payment system or by calling our Contractor Relations team at (310)306-7536.
  • - Payment is due within 30 days, after which the account will accrue a 15% late fee every 30 days until payment is made in full or a payment plan is implemented.
  • - Contractor may request a payment plan to pay the Referral Fee in installments by calling our Contractor Relations team at (310)306-7536.. Terms will be agreed upon on a case by case basis. Prepaid credit cards are not acceptable under payment plans. Payment failures will count as a delinquent payment and incur the 15% fee automatically.


  • - Relationship between Contractor and REMODELZZ  is that of independent contractors. Contractor’s participation in REMODELZZ’s service is voluntary and may be terminated in writing by either party at any time. Contractor’s referral fee obligations for any Referrals provided prior to such termination remain in effect after such termination.
  • - Contractor may not transfer or refer the Project to any other Contractor.
  • - Contractor will maintain all applicable licenses in good standing and follow all applicable laws.
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